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  • Quick Hits | Healthcare Investment Opportunities Expanding February 29, 2024
    Colliers Capital Markets recently sat down with Jordan Selbiger, Vice President, Healthcare Capital Markets | U.S., to discuss opportunities in the healthcare marketplace. Colliers Capital Markets (CCM): How would you classify the state of healthcare capital markets? Does it vary between medical office, behavioral, or inpatient rehab? Jordan Selbiger (JS): Healthcare remains a favored real […]
    Aaron Jodka
  • Clicks, Bricks, and Clicks: The Transformation of Physical Stores in the E-Commerce Era February 27, 2024
    The retail landscape in 2023, compelled by the stabilization of e-commerce, adapted its physical stores to accommodate changing consumer behaviors. National chains downsized their footprints, falling to a new historically low average of 3200 square feet. Retailers embraced the showrooming trend, converting their stores into experience centers. Smaller footprints appealed to educated consumers seeking to […]
    Anjee Solanki
  • Debunking Office Market Myths: Insights from Colliers’ Tenant Advisory Council February 26, 2024
    The Colliers Tenant Advisory Council (TAC) is a global team of Colliers advisors who help navigate complex business and real estate solutions. Broken down in the infographic linked below are the most common comments TAC is hearing from occupiers, and corresponding data behind each myth.  Click this link to view these Office Market Myths in greater detail. […]
    Sheena Gohil
  • Industrial Tenant Tracker — New Bulk Occupancies Dipped in 2023 February 22, 2024
    Industrial tenant demand cooled during 2023, particularly in bulk warehouse and distribution space. New occupancies greater than 100,000 square feet totaled 302 million square feet during the year, a 47.6% decrease compared to 2022’s total of 576 million square feet. Tenants took occupancy on a total of 1,042 new leases and user sales in 2023 […]
    Craig Hurvitz
  • Quick Hits | Shifting Regional Capital Allocations February 22, 2024
    There have been notable shifts in capital allocations to regions throughout the U.S. in recent years. The West was the top investment sales market from 2001-2020. Since then, the Southeast has led the country in sales volume. Demographics have played into this, with investors chasing population growth. Allocation shifts across asset classes have also been […]
    Aaron Jodka
  • The Evolving Supply Chain: Insights from Colliers’ Nearshoring Webinar February 15, 2024
    In a recent webinar hosted by Colliers Industrial and Occupier Services, experts delved into the dynamic landscape of the supply chain, focusing particularly on the concept of nearshoring with a spotlight on Latin America. The panelists provided valuable insights to guide real estate strategies in a rapidly evolving global market. Here is a summary of […]
    Stephanie Rodriguez
  • Quick Hits | Rebounding REITs February 15, 2024
    Publicly traded REITs are a closely watched leading indicator of private real estate. Given their very nature, pricing is far more volatile than the transaction market would indicate. However, REIT performance can provide valuable insight into current market sentiment. If 2023 is any indication, the market has found a bottom. The overall FTSE Nareit All […]
    Aaron Jodka
  • The Rise of Retro: Why 90s Style Is Back in Fashion and What It Means for Retailers February 14, 2024
    This year’s hottest retail brands might strike a familiar chord. Gen-Z’s obsession with the decades before digital has revitalized 90s fashion. For the nostalgia-infused, younger generation discovering the household brands of yore has the potential to revive an aging brand straight into the 21st century. Retail trends are transforming, heavily influenced by the preferences and […]
    Anjee Solanki
  • Retail Recorded: Episode 27 | The New Face of Urban Offices: How Landlords and Retailers Are Teaming Up February 13, 2024
    In this month’s episode of Retail Recorded, Anjee Solanki chats with Michael Lirtzman, Colliers’ Head of Office Agency Leasing, on how retail supports office environments. Together, they discuss the evolution and the revitalization of office buildings through experiential amenities, leasing dynamics, and the future of office, retail and service that prioritizes integration. Listen to the […]
    Anjee Solanki
  • Robotic Tech Innovations and Their Impact on the Restaurant Industry February 12, 2024
    Earlier this month, senior leaders gathered at CES in Las Vegas to revel in the latest technologies set to revolutionize the global marketplace. The event’s theme was heavily influenced by artificial intelligence (AI) and progressive technology impact, prioritizing convenience for consumers and operational efficiencies for everyone else. One area of most interest to retailers is […]
    Anjee Solanki
  • Quick Hits | January Conference Wrap-Up February 8, 2024
    January kicked off with three industry conferences across the country: the CRE Finance Council (CREFC) in Miami, the Americas Lodging Investment Summit (ALIS) in Los Angeles, and the National Multifamily Housing Council (NMHC) in San Diego. These events brought together thousands of investors, developers, financiers, and related parties. Below are key takeaways from sessions, meetings, […]
    Aaron Jodka
  • Beyond Cubicles: Transforming Vacant Office Spaces  February 7, 2024
    Download the article here or read below. With special thanks to Karen Whitt, President of Colliers U.S. REMS.   Commercial buildings – especially the kind with vacancies that never recovered from the COVID pandemic – are typically the gold standard of construction. They’re built to serve as bustling homes for dozens of different businesses and […]
    Andrew Steele
  • From Capitol City to Silicon Hills: Austin’s Evolution into Tech Hub and its Effect on the Office Commercial Real Estate Landscape February 7, 2024
    Austin’s transformation into the “Silicon Hills” and 10th largest metro in the nation is a multifaceted journey, marked by a rich history and rapid tech-driven evolution. Starting back in the 1960s, when the tallest building was the State Capital, the city’s tech roots took hold led by Texas Instruments, IBM, and Dell who paved the […]
    Baily Datres
  • CRE: Industries Revealed, Episode 1 | Colliers’ Practice Groups, Starting with Tenant Advisory Council February 1, 2024
    In the first episode of CRE: Industries Revealed, Anjee Solanki talks to Sheena Gohil, Vice Chair and Practice Group Leader of Colliers’ Tenant Advisory Council (TAC). TAC is a global team of expert advisors who help clients navigate complex business and real estate solutions. The discussion explores the shifts in the business landscape, the influence […]
    Anjee Solanki
  • Market Insights | U.S. Office Q4 2023 February 1, 2024
    Explore the latest key statistics and Colliers’ outlook for the U.S. office market. Click the data you want to review or scroll. For more industrial insights, read the Q4 Office Report.                        
    Steig Seaward
  • Quick Hits | 2023 MSCI Sales Review February 1, 2024
    For many investors, 2023 was a year of challenges, with volatile interest rates, a banking crisis, geopolitical conflict, and lenders extending and modifying loans. Although sales volume reached $344 billion, it dropped by 53% compared to 2022, marking the second consecutive year of declining sales. Activity was the weakest since 2013, and the typical year-end […]
    Aaron Jodka
  • Market Insights | U.S. Industrial Q4 2023 January 31, 2024
    Explore the latest key statistics and Colliers’ outlook for the U.S. industrial market. Click the data you want to review or scroll. For more industrial insights, read the Q4 Industrial Report.                  
    Craig Hurvitz
  • Richmond’s Rise in Manufacturing January 31, 2024
    Over the last five years, job growth and capital investment into the Richmond MSA for the manufacturing sector have grown substantially. While from 2018-2020, capital investment slowly decelerated, job growth saw steady gains until 2021 when both jobs and investment saw massive increases, primarily due to pet food manufacturer, Nestle Purina’s $182 million capital injection […]
    Komail Khaja
  • Exploring Healthcare Real Estate Trends in 2024 January 31, 2024
    2024 marks a pivotal year for both healthcare and healthcare real estate. The industry’s transformation is driven by a combination of factors, including technological breakthroughs, changing patient expectations, and a shift toward proactive health management. As these trends continue to evolve, healthcare and real estate stakeholders must collaborate to create spaces that not only address […]
    Shawn Janus
  • A Swiftie Super Bowl: Uniting Sports, Music, and Consumer Culture January 31, 2024
    Super Bowl LVIII is the pinnacle of excitement for the National Football League (NFL). Held annually on the second Sunday of February, this championship event unites the finest teams from the AFC and NFC conferences in a quest for the Vince Lombardi Trophy. Set to unfold on February 11, 2024, amidst the vibrant backdrop of […]
    Nicole Larson