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  • Retail Recorded, Episode 29 | Harnessing Human-Driven Data: How Spatial.AI is Revolutionizing Retail Insights July 18, 2024
    Lÿden Foust, CEO of Spatial AI, joins Anjee Solanki for this month’s episode of Retail Recorded. One of retail’s biggest challenges is identifying its core consumers; Spatial AI works with brands to surface its best customers by leveraging social media, retail visitation, and demographic data to classify their behavioral patterns by type and trade area. […]
    Anjee Solanki
  • Quick Hits | Supply-Side Pressure Limited Across Hospitality July 18, 2024
    The hospitality market is holding up well overall. Nationally, occupancies have slipped, particularly in the economy and midscale segments of the market. There are clear differences in consumer confidence by income bracket, as reported by The Conference Board. Meanwhile, credit card delinquencies are rising, implying financial stress on the typical budget-focused traveler. Conversely, upper upscale, […]
    Aaron Jodka
  • History Repeated: How the Services Sector has Re-“Rooted” Themselves in the Oakland Office Market July 17, 2024
    Lately, it feels like we are all not-so-patiently waiting at the edge of our office chairs, anticipating a trendy AI company or prominent tech giant to announce their expansive new office lease of 100,000 square feet or more. Such a move would reignite a frenzy of leasing activity across the Oakland office market. However, another […]
    Anthony Shell
  • Texas CHIPS Act Has Established the State as a Leader in Semiconductor Manufacturing Construction and Industrial Real Estate Growth July 15, 2024
    The CHIPS Act and Texas’ Response In response to global semiconductor shortages exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, the U.S. government enacted the $280 billion CHIPS Act, allocating $53 billion to revitalize domestic semiconductor manufacturing. In the 19 months since it was signed in August of 2022, manufacturing construction spending has expanded at an unprecedented pace […]
    Baily Datres
  • Quick Hits | Segmenting Office Values Via NCREIF July 11, 2024
    Determining office values can be challenging today. Some assets are trading at significant discounts to their last sales price, but these properties generally have lower occupancy. A disparity remains between major price indices from CoStar, Green Street, MSCI, NAREIT, and NCREIF. While all show that asset values are down, their rates vary widely. NCREIF, in […]
    Aaron Jodka
  • Demand Surge and Steady Vacancy Rates Drive Growth | U.S. Retail Q2 2024 July 10, 2024
    As the first half of 2024 unfolds, the U.S. retail market continues to exhibit resilience in the face of varied economic headwinds. The second quarter has provided both challenges and opportunities for retailers, with the landscape marked by constrained leasing activity due to limited space availability and rising operating costs. However, the retail sector is […]
    Nicole Larson
  • Emerging Markets in Healthcare Real Estate July 8, 2024
    As global demand for healthcare services rises, driven by aging populations, increased urbanization, and growing middle-class economies, the landscape of healthcare real estate is evolving rapidly. Investors and developers are increasingly turning to emerging markets to capitalize on these growing opportunities. Investment Opportunities in Emerging MarketsEmerging markets present a unique opportunity for investors in healthcare […]
    Shawn Janus
  • How to Pay for Future-Proofing Your Building’s Energy System July 1, 2024
    Building owners should be aware of risks to the energy grid that feed them power. There are strategies to reduce reliance on the grid, insulating building from various competition for finite energy supply. In markets across the country, data centers are taking up more and more power. This is far from the only competition for […]
    Patrick Duffy
  • Quick Hits | May MSCI Sales Update June 27, 2024
    Office Office sales volume pulled back in May, with $2.3 billion transacting and the fewest individual asset trades this year. Volume is off 42% from last May, continuing the broad volatility of monthly activity in 2024.  The three largest deals of the month took place in the Bay Area. Pleasanton Corporate Commons, occupied by 10x […]
    Aaron Jodka
  • The Rise of Vertical Data Centers June 24, 2024
    Download the article here or read below.  Empty office buildings inspire the imagination. They are highly effective at what they do: providing clean, reliable, comfortable places for people to run businesses, provide counsel, and share ideas. These giant icons of American production have been home to nearly every major innovation for most of the 20th […]
    Andrew Steele
  • Quick Hits | Changing Workplace Realities June 20, 2024
    Office vacancies have eclipsed the highs of the Global Financial Crisis and are still rising. This scenario has had clear implications on the value of office properties, especially those with debt maturities and high vacancies. Occupiers are still figuring out how much space they need and how to utilize it. Since leases roll at different […]
    Aaron Jodka
  • Social Networks as Marketplaces: How Social Commerce is Reshaping the Retail Landscape June 19, 2024
    In the era of digital transformation, the landscape of online shopping is swiftly evolving, with social commerce emerging as a revolutionary trend. Social commerce seamlessly integrates the convenience of e-commerce into social media platforms, enabling users to discover, engage with, and purchase products without leaving their favorite social media apps. This innovative retail approach has […]
    Nicole Larson
  • Case Study: Property Tax Ramifications of Falling Office Values June 18, 2024
    Owners of residential and commercial properties alike have been receiving jaw-dropping property tax increases. This article examines Hennepin County, Minnesota and how property taxes are being redistributed in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. In the Twin Cities, much of the discourse about property taxes has centered around how the tax burden is being redistributed […]
    Jesse Tollison
  • CRExperts Session Recap – AI in CRE: Untapping the Potential June 18, 2024
    Last month, Colliers’ Occupier Services hosted a CRExperts online session titled “AI in CRE: Untapping the Potential.” This session brought together industry leaders to explore the impact that artificial intelligence (AI) has had on commercial real estate (CRE) and the opportunities for the future. With a panel of Colliers experts, the discussion included the following […]
    Martin Woodrow
  • Charging Ahead: Navigating EV Manufacturing’s Impact on Industrial Real Estate June 17, 2024
    The electric vehicle (EV) industry is undergoing rapid expansion, driven by technological advancements, regulatory support, and increasing consumer demand. Per The New York Times, “a record 1.2 million electric vehicles rolled off dealers’ lots last year,” and the Biden administration recently passed a regulation to ensure the majority of new passenger cars and light trucks sold […]
    Patrich Jett
  • Quick Hits | June Numbers to Watch June 13, 2024
    At Colliers, we understand the importance of interconnected data, macroeconomic trends, and anecdotes in real estate decisions. With that in mind, here are 10 numbers and trends that have recently caught our attention: 
    Aaron Jodka
  • Pouring Progress: The Shift in Sipping Habits June 12, 2024
    Today’s consumers are curiously driving a significant shift in the food and beverage landscape. The proliferation of multicultural flavors has cultivated a sophisticated palate; with it, consumers demand higher-quality ingredients and elevated taste experiences. And we’re not just talking about food anymore – the beverage industry is feeling this transformation, too. Now, more than ever […]
    Anjee Solanki
  • Key Takeaways from the 2024 Colliers Supply Chain Conference June 10, 2024
    The 2024 Colliers Supply Chain Conference, hosted by Colliers’ Logistics & Transportation Group, provided a comprehensive overview of the current state of the industrial real estate market. The supply chain landscape has been significantly impacted by changes in interest and capitalization rates, resulting in a sluggish development environment. However, despite these challenges, there is a […]
    Phoebe Dinga
  • CRE: Industries Revealed, Episode 3 | Logistics & Transportation Moving Faster and Smarter June 6, 2024
    In the third episode of CRE: Industries Revealed, Anjee Solanki talks to Mike Spears, Senior Vice President and Lead of Colliers’ Logistics & Transportation Practice Group. Their conversation spans emerging trends in the logistics and transportation realm, from the rise in digitalization to the growing importance of last-mile delivery and EV transportation. Mike offers expert […]
    Anjee Solanki
  • Quick Hits | April MSCI Sales Update June 6, 2024
    Office Office recorded $2.9 billion in sales in April, marking a return to normalcy after a significant deal in March skewed the monthly figures. Overall office sales volume is down 14% year-over-year. CBD sales topped $1 billion in back-to-back months but have decreased by 5% over the past year.  The month’s largest deal was 1740 […]
    Aaron Jodka