Meet Our Expert Real Estate Teams

Meet the expert teams of Southern Equity Commercial, dedicated to helping clients achieve their real estate goals with professionalism and passion. Continue reading to learn more about our experts.

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Mark Ellsworth - Team Leader

Mark Ellsworth, a former school teacher and Director of Sales, transitioned into the world of commercial real estate after building a successful investment property portfolio. Since 2015, Mark has been assisting investors in buying and selling properties as part of their strategic investment plans. With expertise in asset underwriting, tax strategy, and construction project management, Mark is a proud mentor to new investors. Outside of real estate, Mark served in the US Army Reserves and now enjoys family life in Roswell, GA.

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Sarah Byrd - Team Leader

Sarah Byrd, a former Gwinnett County teacher of the year, brings her impeccable organization and hard work to Southern Equity Commercial. After leading customer service and sales departments in various industries, Sarah now helps real estate clients make stress-free investment purchases. With a strong focus on client satisfaction, Sarah gets things done.

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Catherine Clark - REALTOR®

Atlanta resident Catherine Clark focuses on building trust with her clients in the realm of buying, selling, leasing, or investing in property. With her dedication, passion, and client-focused approach, Catherine delivers outstanding service experiences. Outside of real estate, Catherine enjoys spending time with her family and their beloved golden retriever.

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Lee Hunter - Office Manager

Lee Hunter, with a Ph.D. in English and a background in education, is an accomplished residential REALTOR® who now supports the Southern Equity Commercial team behind the scenes. Managing the contract-to-close process and coordinating leasing and listing services, Lee is passionate about strengthening the Southern Equity brand. In her spare time, Lee enjoys reading, hiking, and traveling with her husband, David.

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Lauren Levins

A native of Mobile, Alabama, Lauren worked 12 years as a classroom educator and instructional design specialist in secondary education before starting her real estate career. As a successful residential REALTOR®, Lauren achieved multimillion-dollar sales and developed a specialized real estate coaching program. Now a bilingual Associate Broker in commercial real estate, Lauren’s primary goal is to guarantee the security and success of her clients in all their real estate endeavors, whether it involves buying, selling or leasing property. She takes pride in being a trustworthy professional who always places her clients’ best interests at the forefront of every transaction. Apart from real estate, Lauren enjoys weightlifting, nutrition, travel and spending quality time with her beloved “fur baby.” She’s also an active member of her church community and Delta Sigma Theta Sorority.

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Jacklyn Whitson

With 5 years in real estate, Jacklyn offers a proven record in residential and commercial sectors. Beginning as a listing agent, Jacklyn's journey led her into the dynamic realms of land development, retail, and multi-family properties. She excels in collaborating with innovative investors, valuing transparency, and fostering strong client relationships. Backed by a skilled team of 7, Jacklyn ensures optimal deals through negotiation mastery. Connect with Jacklyn, whether you're a seasoned investor or a first-time buyer, and let's embark on this journey together, turning your real estate goals into resounding success.

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Cameron Reeves

Introducing Cameron Reeves, an Atlanta-based commercial agent passionate about transforming real estate transactions into wealth-building opportunities. With a keen eye for strategic investments, Cameron goes beyond traditional sales, specializing in guiding clients towards lucrative commercial properties that promise long-term financial growth. She excels in the art of buying, selling, and leasing properties for optimal wealth creation. Whether unlocking value in a sale or negotiating lucrative leases, Cameron's expertise extends beyond transactions. She is dedicated to building lasting relationships and providing services tailored specifically for your real estate needs.

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Ben Cavalier

Ben Cavalier was born a fighter and a go-getter. From a toddler who had polio to carrying on his family legacy in real estate he held the #1 commercial agent in the region back in 2017 and still lives up to his excellence. With an illustrious career spanning over 56 years, his journey from residential to commercial real estate has been marked by unparalleled success and achievement. Specializing in land and known for his expertise in land assemblages from Piedmont Road to Alpharetta Highway, Ben has not only continued a family legacy but has also risen to the top of the commercial real estate sector. He believes in order to be successful in the business it is the knowledge and experience that will set you apart from the other agents.

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Andrew Peters - Team Leader

Andy began working in real estate in 2009 and found the recessed market to be a great training ground, building a foundation of hard work in real estate. Andy was born in Taiwan, grew up in Georgia, attended UGA and was a chef in a previous life. With 3 children and starting his real estate career later in life, Andy is motivated and still hungry to grow a real estate empire, both to feed his kids and his competitive nature!

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Austin Myers

Austin started his real estate career at the young age of 21 and quickly found success helping clients achieve their goals in both commercial and residential real estate, whether it be buying, selling, leasing or investing. A charismatic individual, Austin goes the extra mile for his clients, educating and keeping them informed each step of the way, creating relationships that go beyond the closing table. In his free time, he loves to go to car shows and music events with his friends.

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